She Wants Those Glasses Off

Previously I’ve posted about my black cat, Bast. Pretty well when I first got her, she would chew and bite at my glasses when I picked her up and held her.

Then relatively recently she discovered my night hiding place for my glasses. My glasses are mostly metal with a plastic coating around the arms. The plastic coating extended further than the metal at the ends, helping to curl around my ears and thus kept my glasses on better.

Bast chewed off the end parts of the arms while I slept. In an effort to keep my glasses looking better and so they can’t scratch me, I melted the plastic at the ends with a lighter for smoother ends.

It was only the other day that I figured out what Bast was up to. She bit at my glasses even more than usual while I was sitting in a chair. This time she got a good hold and started to take my glasses off. I stopped her, but now I think that this is what she was after all along. She wants me to take my glasses off.

Perhaps she is embarrassed about the fashion statement I make with her. If you want you can see my glasses in the “about” part of this blog. I’m still wearing the same pair. They are the rounded type of glasses. They are currently out of fashion amongst the fashion many, who like the not very high but wide, almost rectangular lenses. Maybe I’m embarrassing my cat’s fashion sense.

Then too, perhaps Bast has heard the “Larry Potter” comments that some “witty” people have made to me. Perhaps that fashion leaning isn’t all a cat could hope for.

Maybe she just wants the glasses off completely. Now I don’t know what she reads while I am not home but it’s possible she has read the odd Superman comic book. Perhaps she thinks if I took off my glasses, I would be able to fly. Perhaps she needs me to have that super power so she can get me to fly her into high trees where all the tastiest birds sing.

Maybe Bast just wants to be a stylist. We’ve all seen those shows in the mass media where a beautiful person is hidden by glasses and a couple other bad affectations. Bast might want to transform me and thus add the before and after pictures to her portfolio.

It could just be her youth. Bast is only two and might not realize I need these glasses to see properly. Maybe I can convince her that I need them.

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