Cut Off the Coattails

Most of what we call progress is brought to us through science. And that science is generally moved forward by scientists and technologists.

As science becomes more complex and is built upon more previous work, shouldn’t we as a society try to make life easier for those scientists and technologists so real progress can be made in the world? What I am about to suggest is cutting off some people and influences in society that have been getting a free ride on science’s coattails while actively inhibiting scientists and technologists.

Let’s take those people who pooh pooh carbon dating as a technique and claim the earth is only 6 000 years old. Since they don’t really believe radiation theory, perhaps when some of them develop cancer we can avoid radiation treatments and opt for something they are more likely to believe in like the power of prayer.

What about the bullies that worked against the nerds that were to become future scientists? Are we just to let the adult scientists and technologists possibly take revenge in later life? Or should we just make it automatic that the year the bully started his targeting of a victim, is the year he thought things had come to perfection. In other words all technology past this year should never be allowed to work in the bully’s favour. Or perhaps we can make him regress even further and live the life of an Amish person or Old Order Mennonite. Wouldn’t it be even more sweet if we could throw in the non violence part, too?

Scientists and technologists are sometimes also disdained by the people they would like a romance with. Perhaps potential lovers who spurn all scientists and technologists could be banned from undergoing all plastic surgery procedures and the like. Undoubtedly a lot of them are vain enough that this would hurt. A warning to the scientists and technologists: while maybe not being scientists, doctors and nurses are certainly technologists and romances with those in either field are usually considered higher than normal status. So it would be rare to find a person who spurned romance with all scientists and technologists.

Now, with the road clear from some obstacles in life, maybe the scientists and technologists could see life being less about man vs. man and more about man vs. nature. Then perhaps progress would move faster. But then again I’m a self admitted progress junkie.

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