Helping Science Denialism Come of Age

Poor science denialism, in some quarters it doesn’t get as much respect as science. Perhaps that’s because it doesn’t have a codified methodology like science has. Here we would like to rectify this situation.

But first we will start with the scientific method. We can use it both as a guide and a comparison, so we can thus see where science denialism departs from the scientific method.


I.Hypothesis: Start with a hypothesis that is testable by experiment.
II.Apparatus: That Apparatus needed to do the experiment.
III.Experiment: The actual testing of the hypothesis.
IV.Observations: The carefully sensed and recorded observations of the experiment.
V.Conclusions: Did the hypothesis prove valid through the tests? Why or why not?

Seems simple enough. Now we’ll show our tentative first draft of the method of science denialism.


I.Know What You Want: Start out with a tenet that is lucrative to prove.
II.Apparatus: A list of all the equipment you would like to be able to purchase by taking your position. Like certain cars or the Blackberry Playbook.
III.Casing Out: Casing out where your opponents live. Don’t worry sometimes this is just used as an intimidating one liner on your opponents.
IV.Outshouting: That active part of the method where you outshout, out email or out twitter your opponents.
V.Concussions: This is where you try to prove your biases through might. State assertively that the winner of any argument is the one who kicks the other’s @$$. Repeat until true.

Some of you may have a better understanding of the method of science denialism. We must repeat that this is just a first attempt in codifying the methodology. Any suggestions would be welcome before we formalize the method of science denialism.

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