One Possible Reparation for a Genocide

The Armenian genocide doesn’t quite get the respect it deserves. Firstly, almost all Turks are Armenian genocide deniers. Secondly, after the bigger (and more obvious to the west) Jewish holocaust, not much is spoken about the Armenian trials. The newer Rwandan and Bosnian genocides get more attention just because they are newer.

So Armenians struggle for attention in this area that probably defined their society in the aftermath of World War I. I think it’s time we gave Armenians some respect for what has happened to them.

Naming can be a respectful kind of thing. It’s common to name a baby after someone important to the parents’ lives. What new things do we have to name in current society?

It’s not so long ago that star Gliese 581 was detected to have planets near or in the habitable zone of that star.

Perhaps we could start naming habitable zone planets names that are reminiscent of Armenian words or names. How about we name such worlds Kardash, Sarmaze, Trevane, Sarkis or Alexane?

And if we develop big enough telescopes, that can identify the content of these planet’s atmospheres, I vote that the very first one we find that has free oxygen be named planet Armene. Such telescopes are currently predicted to come on line somewhere in mid century.

Now that would be a unique reparation for the genocide. Of course this idea loses some of its sparkle outside of the English language. If the naming occurs, I think Earth should carry on in the slow process of the English language becoming the universal language.

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