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This is my 200th post so today, I’m going to do a best posts of the year sort of thing.

Yer Favourites is a title of a Tragically Hip collection I have. Hopefully the name is correct and I have latched on to yer favourites. But only about half of these posts have I had reason to separate from the others statistically. I am using some guess work so the title might at times be seen as ironic. More accurately the latter half of this list is my favourites.

Fire Breathing Dragon Guitar was a good schtick for this site and also true and popular. The day after I published A Cheap Papercraft Future was my most popular day ever.  The Fantastic Three follows if they don’t have unstable molecule clothing.

I’m not sure if Are You Taking a ConCERN position on the LHC was that popular. Still for a month afterwards, 30 hits a day would come from similar internet addresses. Curious, I finally looked up those addresses and found all the addresses were related to Google (Thanks Bob). I’m still not quite sure why. As mysteriously as it started, it stopped.

Dave MacDonald almost got into power in Kitchener Center during the federal election. TV Weathermen Aren’t Scientists was the vehicle I used to try to stop him. The margin of loss was so small that if enough people read my post and if they were swayed to change that would have been enough. Seriously I don’t think I did it alone but the blog I quote and combined with even more bloggers – I think our influence could have been the difference.

I wrote the 27 Year Old Musician Jinx in May. Imagine my surprise a couple months later when I found my site getting hundreds of hits in only minutes and they were to this post. I knew that some 27 year old musician had died. I went onto the news sites to find out who it was. Rest in peace Amy Winehouse.

I just can’t believe that something nasty hasn’t been said previously about baby boomers. Media and marketers have treated them like darlings all their lives. That ended this year with my Herd Mentality of Baby Boomers post.

I like to call horse$#!+ on egregious lies. Toronto having The Longest Street in the World is one. And a mounted police man was found making excuses with horse$#!+ about horse$#!+ in Crappy Quotes. Diaper your horse or pooperscoop it officer. And remember that officers can lie, judges, when ruling on the G20 cases that are still incomplete.

My strategy for blonde jokes (Blonde Jokes are Racist) and racist jokes (Repurposing Some Racist Jokes) was to substitute the butt of the joke (and this only works for straight insult jokes) as Stephen Harper or other leaders as was mentioned in E’en Ste’en.

And still from the first half of the year, in months that I missed are Traiters, Bubble Wrap Addiction and The Invisible Man Problem.

Good articles that were more recent include Hope for Couch Potatoes, My Shower Curtain is a Slut and Amish-Mennonite Smackdown.


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