Spam So Wrong It’s Ironic

The most annoying part about blogging is dealing with all the spam I get as comments. I sift through more than 100 spam comments every day. Still, it is my belief that spam wants to be caught and not distributed. There is usually at least one telltale sign per spam that lets you know you are doing the world a service by not allowing it on the web.

And some spam makes me laugh. Because it has done such a poor job of getting past your radar it is obviously the opposite of true and thus ironic. Below are 6 spams I caught in just 3 days that were this kind of ironic.

The first one is ironic because my about page is just two pictures of me. There is no paragraph and there is no article.

The second spam is ironic because it refers to other comments of this article. The 0 below the title “Obese and Wonderful” is the total number of comments that appears with that post.

The 3rd spam wants pics with my article. The article is 5 political cartoons and their explanation.

The 4th spam wants a follow up post. There is a follow up post to “The Horny Shower Curtain”. It is “My Shower Curtain is a Slut”. If the spammer had only read a handful of the comments they would know this.

The 5th spammer talks about video for a post that doesn’t even link to video.

And the 6th spam is from someone named Gabriella saying hi to me as a family member. I’ve never met anyone named Gabriella and if you were some distant relative, why not say how we are related? Instead, I just deleted this spam.

I’ve made it my golden rule as spam detector that real comments will mention something specific in my post. Something that triggered the comment. Notice that none of these spams does.

And I humbly apologize if I’ve gotten you to read some spam.

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