Survivalist Tipping Point?

Survivalists and their ilk are probably more common right now, what with the rumoured Mayan end of days coming up (the official story is that just the Mayan calendar runs out – it’s not really an end of life on Earth). And with attempts to find the “God” particle in Europe, I can see how the Survivalists might multiply.

They might multiply so much that a Prepper (one of the Survivalist’s ilk) might live beside a Survivalist. If that Survivalist has been tricky and put most of their bomb shelter under the Prepper’s land, extreme animosity might result. The Prepper might try to solve the problem through the courts but when their court date comes out as being in 2013, can you blame them for resorting to using the guns they’ve been hoarding?

And what if a Rapturian group, who personally believes they can aid and abet the rapture coming to Earth by starting the judging and maybe the killing now, comes across people preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse? The Rapturians will believe their view comes from the God side of things, while the Zombie Apocalyptics’ view comes from paying attention to the dark arts. The Zombie Apocalyptics might be judged and some even killed by these misguided Rapturians.

With more and more of these assorted groups, plus the always present paranoids of human society, wouldn’t it be more likely that these groups will cross each other and take up armed conflict. The Zombie Apocalyptics might find the Preppers wrong. The Survivalists might wrong the Rapturians. The Preppers might hold a grudge against the Rapturians and the Zombie Apocalyptics might war against the Survivalists.

With tensions rising, especially near the Mayan end of days, it could lead to a tipping point where all these groups will bring about the very thing they fear (except maybe the Rapturians who for their own twisted reasons will welcome anything resembling the Rapture).

So be prepared at the Mayan end of days. Uh oh. It looks like I’ve let on that I’m one of those always present paranoids of human society. Did you notice how I didn’t spell out my own group’s plans? We won’t be found out. Let’s just say we’ve always been here, we always will be here. And some of us use medication.

Maybe they’ll find medications that work for Survivalism, Preppism, Rapturianism and Zombie Apocalypsism. Then we wouldn’t have this tipping point to worry us. Let’s put that on the slate for December 22, 2012.

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