Mostest Burger

I finally figured out how to use ‘scenes’ in Bitstrips. Of course I had a problem with layering in the middle panel where Charles is in front of the fire hydrant but from perspective he should be behind it. Maybe he is in front, on the street, and jumped there!

I like it but the scene is a bit busy and there is something to be said for plain backgrounds.

Seriously if you have something to say but aren’t the best artist, try Bitstrips. You can do single panel cartoons or cartoons with many more boxes. Just saying.

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  1. Awesome comics! Thank you, I’m learning a lot about bitstrips and it’s use, and I’ll put it in a series regarding “do it yourself” comics. Your comnics are very funny, and your site’s already in my RSS.

    Best regards. 8)

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