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Is the closeness of the peace symbol to the Mercedes Benz symbol a coincidence? We at Many Rants doubt it. The Mercedes Benz symbol was established first so somehow that car company, through chicanery, got the peaceniks to adopt a very similar symbol as their own.

But ‘wait’, you say, ‘ peaceniks are usually hippie types and Mercedes Benz owners are usually frothing capitalists.’ That may be very true. I think the whole story has to do with age.

The young capitalize on things as much as adult capitalists. Just try saying to your child “You’re always welcome in my home.” You could find that your child might only move out at 43 when they are getting married.

Anyhow, only those under 40 are generally at risk for being drafted for a war. This one detriment to being young gets fought by many, many young people because they know it is their lives that are on the line. So they back peace protests. They are capitalizing on their protest abilities to try to improve the situation. And this is where they get that peace symbol burned into their impressionable brains.

Now when they turn 40 and give up their hippie ways, what happens? Inevitably they are attracted to to the Mercedes Benz emblem like hippies to a peace sign, and many of these “new capitalists” will buy a Mercedes. Now that’s clever branding. I’m not quite sure exactly how Mercedes pulled off this coup.

And someone who is likely to have an upscale car like a Mercedes Benz is Tiger Woods. And he made the news by winning his first golf tournament in over 2 years just last weekend. That’s right, since the scandal of his divorce and mistresses he’s been unable to win up until now.

A lot can happen in over two years. Sampson can grow back his long hair. And someone with Tiger’s money might be able to set up a new network of 15 mistresses all across the professional golf tour.

Now I’m not saying that having 15 mistresses would make a man the best in his chosen field. But what if it were true? Good luck young Chinese men with the lack of women your age (because of birth laws) to be a mistress. If this correlation is to hold true, expect China to do poorer in the London Olympics than they did in Beijing. Expect older polygamist men from Colorado and BC to bring home many medals to Canada and the US.

So I’m basically looking forward to London 2012 to test this theory. Everyone has their own reasons to watch.

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