The 33 Year Old Exes

Tom Cruise’s three marriages ended when his exes were 33 years old. It happened with Mimi Rogers. It happened with Nicole Kidman. It happened with Katie Holmes.

At first glance, Tom Cruise is the one common denominator in all three marriages. One could speculate that as each female approaches 33 he might become more snippy, more argumentative, more annoying and simply drives each woman away at that age. Maybe he made a pact with himself to never be seen to be married to a 34 year old.

But there is another common denominator. All three wives were in the church of Scientology along with Cruise.

Scientologists are known for extreme secrecy around their religion. Some purport it is like an adventure game where you are allowed more as the game progresses. In Scientology the ‘level ups’ are more information.

Scientology was developed by science fiction writer L. Ron Hubbard. Science fiction writers and fantasy writers are usually considered to be so close it’s incestuous. Of course L. Ron must have known the famous works of Tolkien. Specifically he must have known about hobbits and that their coming of age happens at age 33.

Maybe some ‘level up’ information is given to only 33 year old women. Maybe it contains core principles of Scientology. Or maybe it just lets the women in on the secret that Scientology is just so much hogwash. But after giving the 33 year old women this information it compels them to secrecy.

Of course, getting zealot Tom Cruise to give up on Scientology, at any age is just Tom foolery. So instead these women are left with only the choice to divorce him.

This Scientology cause seems better than the alternative. That being Tom Cruise is making a hobbit out of discarding thirty-three year old women.

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