Xmas Miracle: Spirit of Giving Reaches Marketer

The spirit of giving is so popular this year that it reached a marketer as is evidenced by a television ad in my area. That marketer was so effected that they UNDER sold something.

In this ad they say “Save 60% so you can buy 60% more”. Well if a person saves 60% they have spent only 40%. 60% more of that is 24% of the original price. So the total is only 64%. If you were to spend the full original price you would have to spend 150% more.

Since this marketer only wishes for 64% of your gift money you are now free to spend that 36 % elsewhere. Perhaps you could give that money to charity. Or invest it. Or pay down debt especially the credit card kind. It’s up to you. And some people may use it to pay forward the spirit of giving.

Perhaps that marketer will no longer be as rich as he/she set out to be this holiday season. But no matter how cold it gets this winter their heart will be 2 ½ times its original size and it will keep them warm. It’s a true Xmas miracle.

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