Stealth Harper


It is my belief that Canadian prime minister, Stephen Harper, thinks that flying invisible to the radar of Canadian journalists is the best strategy he could use.

Firstly he believes in shortening sessions of parliament (note the Vancouver Olympics) and proroguing parliament (twice!). Someone should talk to this boy about his inherent laziness but I think he has a twofold reason for doing this. Notice his omnibus bill passing and the fact that less press coverage is about the actual bills. These bills are also invisible to the radar of the press.

And with his fortune (by Liberal and NDP standards) in advertising budgets he has completely used it to put Stephane Dion and Michael Ignatieff front and centre in their respective elections (and even before). Of course Harper painted both men in the way he wanted and little of it was challenged in the minds of the average Canadian voter.

So if Canadians are content with a stealth leader, perhaps Harper’s reign will extend past the next election.

Neither Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff were harmed in the making of the lead cartoon. In keeping with reduce, reuse, recycle, I traced camouflage Harper from my December cartoon.

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