Torso Sized Punching Bag

While waiting for the bus this morning, I could see into the park and saw a young man beating the stuffing out of a torso sized punching bag. He was using both punches and kicks but that wasn’t what impressed me.

After awhile it dawned on me that punching bags aren’t native to public parks. It was then that I noticed the long rope that was looped over a big thick branch and that was tied in an erratic manner around that branch and the trunk in what must have been a stable way. The other thing in that part of the park was a bicycle. There was nothing else and no one else near that area. My bus soon came and a couple hours later, when I got back all three things were gone.

I am now under the belief that the young man had bicycled over to the park with rope and that torso sized punching bag. Now that I would have liked to see. That would have been much more impressive than any punching or kicking maneuvers.

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