Mega Wall

The United States has built about a thousand kilometres of barriers along its border with Mexico. Mainly this wall is designed to keep out illegal immigrants. Some want it along the whole of the border with Mexico. Perhaps this is a good idea. It would be right up there with what the Romans accomplished when they built Hadrian’s Wall in Britain. Just remember that the Roman Empire is a failed state.

Even more zealous Americans have suggested putting a wall to keep Canadians out as well. Now this would be more along the lines of a major feat. Much like the building of the Great Wall of China. There are many more thousands of kilometres between the US and Canada. And let us not forget that China is not a failed state. Indeed some say it will rival the US in power in a few decades. This is worthy of American attention.

And the idea of keeping parts hidden from Canada, just like with lovers, will attract our attention more to it. Say for instance Detroit is bankrupt and precious few Canadians want to visit this crumbling city. Now put up a tall wall that Ontarians can’t see over and say “nothing to see here” and suddenly we’re curious. Did the aliens just land in old Detroit? Has old Detroit reverted back to nature? What exactly are those Americans up to in Old Detroit? Detroit might become a go to destination of the curious Canadian.

It’s even more obvious why a wall would be an advantage in Niagara Falls. The Canadian side owns only half the Horseshoe Falls and none of the Niagara Falls. It’s just that the best view of the falls occurs from the Canadian side. A huge wall along the political division would cut the Canadian view down to half the Horseshoe Falls. Suddenly people would want to honeymoon on the American side. I smell money.

The newer, more hidden United States will bring about less contempt due to familiarity. I would not be surprised if more travel dollars were spent there by Canadians. The cost/benefit analysis might even show that Americans could make money off the wall. All this as well as becoming a bigger rival to China.

And of course there are all those Canadians who now just have to walk across the border. Some say it is easier to smuggle drugs across the Canadian border than the one with Mexico. What about other contraband stuff? Select Canadians made a killing off of prohibition.

Sure that town in Quebec/US (Derby Line, Vt and Standstead, Que.) will look silly with an even more giant wall piercing its peacefulness. But isn’t it about time that the town was brought into the present? That shared library and opera hall will have to make a decision. Maybe we’ll let the shared sewer system thing slide – after all it is underground. National security shouldn’t have to mess with that level of indecency.

Alberta will raise a royal stink. “Aren’t we just northern Texas?” they’ll ask using the most baleful expression possible. “Can’t we be exempt?”

So, Americans, as long as you can mount a defence to the baleful look of Albertans, I think it is in your best interest to build a fence along the Canadian border. It’ll make a good make work project while your economy is still down. And if that same fence also hinders the ease of which the rumbling of American tanks and other war machinery could cross our currently undefended border, then so be it.

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