NaNoWriMo the Third

National Novel Writing Month or NaNoWriMo has existed for over a decade. But for me personally, this is the third time participating. And I’m doing it wrong for the 2nd of 3 years.

My first year and this year I am writing a collection of short stories. I’m retitling the 1st collection as Fabrications and this year’s outing is related so it is called More Fabric. The novel in between these “wrong” years is also related. I am writing a six book series. As I see it now, the last two books will be novels and next year’s outing will be wrong again with three novellas making up the book.

NaNoWriMo is being obliging by opening up Camp NaNoWriMo in April and July to collections or other works. As well they have a variable goal, not solely consisting of the tyranny of the 50 000 words.

I’m fine with 50 000 words. The curious of you might wonder which is harder, the novel or the short stories? I found both to be about the same. You risk sagging interest at the length of novel and with short stories you’re constantly restarting which is hard some days.

The reason I am writing my series at the normal NaNoWriMo time is because I heard about the hype for November and heard nothing for the Camps. Indeed I wasn’t conscious of the Camps till the two in this year. That’s when I realized the freedom they are offering.

Indeed, because it wasn’t a novel, my first book’s synopsis on the NaNoWriMo site is carefully worded to not give my wrongness away. As such, when I met the 50 000 word goal in less than a month, I said nothing and got a validated win. It was also nice to get the win last year when I was doing the challenge properly.

Perhaps NaNoWriMo will take away my first win two years ago and this year, too. I’m not hiding what I’m doing this year. I explained all this in my synopsis to More Fabric.

It’s just that it is extra work for them to check everyone’s synopsis at validation time. So I suspect that I will be validated if I meet the 50 000 word challenge this year. I suspect to be challenged only if someone yells “wrong” and complains officially. It’s just that I think most people are attracted to NaNoWriMo by the collegial atmosphere, where we’re taking on a challenge all together and swapping tricks and support. So it might be that no one will complain.

If that’s the case, NaNoWriMo might only find out about my wrongness if my books actually sell and some connection to the yearly challenge is made. If my books are selling, I don’t mind this problem.

If I look wrong to you, I am sorry. Just think of me as Camping in the entirely wrong month and season.

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