What Happens in Vegas …

We’ve all heard the marketing line about Vegas that only grows through the years. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. And I say of course it does. Because the casinos there ply you with free alcohol.

Maybe I can’t attest to the effects of alcohol on you. But for a number of years I would drink with my one friend while watching a movie. The starts of all those movies are still fixed in my mind. But I couldn’t tell you what happened at the endings. I did not stop watching any of the movies. I didn’t drink so much that I ended up ‘partying till I puked’. Enough alcohol to just feel fine deeply affects my memory.

I’ve even used this knowledge over the past couple years. If I want time to proceed faster I simply have a six pack. Oh, it’s not blacking out if you were wondering, I just easily forget more ordinary things. I forget say 3 out of 4 things, so when I look back it’s like a quarter of the time has passed. But 4/4ths of time has actually passed.

It’s almost a time travel thing – an ignorant time travel. Or a fast forward button. But one must use caution. You’re not banking that 3/4 of time. You are out and out losing it. So I suggest you don’t do this frequently.

We’ve all heard that alcohol affects every person differently. But a large percentage of drinkers become alcoholics. And I have thought before that if everyone went through a large enough period of binging on alcohol, they might all become alcoholics. So although the memory losses I talk about may be larger than your memory losses, I would not be surprised if everyone is affected this way. Indeed I’m assuming for the rest of this piece that it does.

Back to Vegas. Of course the casinos ply you with alcohol because they’ve done studies that have concluded they make more money from gambling when their patrons are drinking. Indeed they make so much more money that they can ply every single person in their establishment with alcohol and still end up gaining more money than they lose in alcohol costs.

There is another reason to give out free alcohol. If you forget 3/4 of the stuff that happened to you that day and the rest contains the more interesting highlights, Vegas is going to seem like a land of all highlights. That will never hurt tourism.

But now that Vegas has their iconic slogan they have one more reason to give away alcohol. 3/4 of everything that happens will not leave Vegas. And the alcoholics and those on a bender will have almost 100% memory problems.

So a lot of things will never leave Vegas primarily because alcohol is the enforcer that helps you to forget. Just take my advice if you see a show – don’t get drunk off the free alcohol in the casinos first. See that show and gain a memory first. Then and only then, go to the casinos to get looped to hopefully forget that this place is in a horrible, horrible desert.

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