Now is the Most Favourable Time for a Certain Type of Tourism

You might not have guessed that today’s tourism is greatly favourable. After all a year or two ago may have had better tourism numbers. I’m not talking year over year favourability but the difference between a few decades ago and now. It all started with the pick-your-own-numbers lotteries.

I especially think of a certain Ontario lottery ad that has aired recently. This ad shows groups and crowds of people while a giant arrow points out the millionaires in each grouping. This presents the idea that lottery winners are amongst us and rubbing shoulders with us.

Now the pick-your-own-numbers lotteries have onerous odds to overcome. Might I just say that the odds of winning the jackpot are so slim that no one ever, at any time should win any of these lotteries. But wait, you say, obviously someone does win these lotteries, they show the winners on television and in the newspaper from time to time.

Yes, yes the winners do exist. But their secret isn’t blind luck. The lottery business is being controlled secretly by big time travel.

In the future, time travel will be big business. And its most successful period to send people back to will be the pick-your-own-numbers lottery era. That means us.

Consider today’s citizens wanting to travel back in time, say to ancient Egypt or Greece. Most of the Egyptians were involved in the back breaking work of building the pyramids. Some holiday. Ancient Greece could place you in Sparta. That city had a majority of the people being slaves. Odds are you, too, would be a slave. Being able to also pick that you would be one of the ruling elite totally changes the picture.

So why would our time be popular? I bet some people from the far future dream about our time. But that is only if they had the status of the top 1%. Winning the lottery provides this for them.

It is unlikely that the far future, possibly 50 000 years or more removed from us, contains any of our paper or metal coin currency. As a result, the first thing that a traveler from this era would do would be to panhandle. They’d only have to raise a few bucks to go to phase two, which would be to buy a winning lottery ticket. Winning numbers would have been saved from our time, all to examine luck to make sure that everything checked out. If for instance the number 9 was popping up more regularly in winning jackpots it would be important to trace it back to a fault in the randomization and failing that, maybe 9 just is more slightly popular for no known reason.

Anyway the future would have saved all our lottery results. They would shift the winners from format to format through the intervening years till finally time travel was developed. And then the numbers could be used.

So it is my belief that time travelers are living like kings on our lottery money. That ad with the arrows that pick people out of groups? I now see that as someone pointing out all the time travelers amongst us. They’re everywhere. Now if I could just get one of them to open up about the future, I would have my path set for me as an insightful writer of the future in the field of science fiction.

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