All Alien Spaceships

What can we say about alien spaceships that hasn’t already been speculated on? Well I just noticed two things that are the same with all alien encounters that are depicted on the screen. The aliens always have lights and some even have searchlights which suggests that they don’t know where everything is. The second observation is that the spaceship always causes the human observers’ hair to fly around because of all of the wind that the spaceship produces.

Why, if it wasn’t for the lack of noise, I swear that all these spaceships could easily have been police or army helicopters. But wait, maybe they are.

I’ve heard that high tech helicopters have become stealth helicopters. Now this might simply mean the same thing as for planes – they are just invisible to radar. But the first world armies have had that for decades. Instead, there are supposed to have been helicopters produced that make little or no sound.

Knowing this, it becomes quite clear that the government has been sending out its “alien spacecraft” to do something with its own populace. But what exactly could this be?

The government is of course most concerned with its population’s well being. That being said, a large number of alien abductees claim to have been given anal probes.

Now that we know it is the benevolent government behind all of this, we can only conclude that the government has been using this ruse to give people colonoscopies. An easy check of this would be to determine the age of those who have had anal probes. If the majority of the abductees were 50 years or older (the recommended ages for colonoscopies to be performed) then we will be able to point our fingers at the government for being a little too benevolent.

Surely there are UFOlogists who can do the age studies on those who have been abducted.

Of course those benevolent “aliens” would have removed any possibly cancerous polyps and there are now fewer bad outcomes with colon cancer.

Obviously when those aliens say “Take me to your leader,” they mean their own leader in our obviously benevolent political regimes around the world.

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