Forcing Justin Trudeau to Keep Power

Justin Trudeau is such a newbie to politics that he is trying his best to give his power away. His government has already signed the Trans Pacific Partnership (the TPP). How does this give his power away? Why it makes it legal for corporations to sue the government for just about anything.

Has the government banned your pesticide? Why the honourable corporation just sues. Has the government regulated you so much that you could make a nickel under other circumstances? Why sue the government. Are you a meat processor and don’t like giving your power of life and death to your customers by being inspected? Sue the government.

The corporate and business side of the economy is way bigger than the government. The government doesn’t stand a chance. It can only hire so many good lawyers. It is going to rely on parts of the country to survive on their own, all unregulated.

We’ve added regulations to the economy in the name of fairness and a piece of the pie for all. The head of the government would switch to being corporations, and they have only one mission: to create value for the shareholder.

I prefer Justin as our prime minister as opposed to those corporations. But Justin you have to help us help you. Don’t ratify the TPP. It could be your last act with power.

I know some people are shaking their heads and saying Justin of course will be given a cushy job at one of those corporations. But I say no.

What corporation would give even the slightest bit of power to someone who just gave all their power away? The corporations will not have Justin after he has sold his country out. He might do the same to the corporation.

I’ve been writing about Justin over at Nooz Spun Right. I didn’t have a comedic slant to those articles so they remain at . There is at least one more serious Justin post coming, over there.

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