Justin Trudeau: Stephen Harper’s Enforcer

The boxing match between Justin Trudeau was officially for charity. It seems now in our time to represent the moment that Justin Trudeau became the enforcer for former Conservative leader, Stephen Harper.

We all know that Trudeau won.


Now, Justin Trudeau has climbed to the position of prime minister himself. With no one in the land having greater power, he has no problem of revoking citizenship of certain people. Indeed he has revoked more people’s citizenships in his short term in office than Harper did in his entire reign.

And Bill C-51 is still the law of the land in Canada despite almost entirely doing away with the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Justin Trudeau is indeed the enforcer of Stephen Harper’s laws.


Despite these unpopular positions, Justin Trudeau remains unsullied due to the general belief in Canada that he is the “ ‘most progressive leader”. This statement is true, once you realize that the poetic apostrophe is a stand in for the letters al. Justin Trudeau is the “almost progressive leader” of Canada. A near miss is as good as a mile.


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