In Search of Justin Trudeau’s Middle Class

It’s a question I had often wondered about but never found by my own thoughts. So I started to ask it out loud.

First of all I know that I am not a part of Justin Trudeau’s middle class. I’ve watched his announcements and pronouncements and he often says he is helping the middle class. But he has never helped me so I simply cannot be part of his middle class.

So I’ve begun asking people, “Are you a part of Justin Trudeau’s middle class?” Most are perplexed by the question and answer “I don’t know.” So I go further and ask, “Has Justin Trudeau ever given you a helping hand?” Most times I get the answer, “What? A politician help me? Ha ha ha!”

So I continued my quest and question. I’ve also gotten the assertion that, “Of course I’m part of the middle class!” But then I ask if Justin Trudeau has ever helped them and most say, “No, no, I only help myself. I’d starve to death if I’d have to rely on politicians.”

But the odd person is insistent. “Yes I am a part of the middle class. So I must be part of Justin Trudeau’s middle class, too.”

“But has Justin Trudeau ever helped you? That’s the definition of Justin Trudeau’s middle class.”

“I don’t know, but he must have, then.” Most have clenched teeth at this point.

The quest to find Justin Trudeau’s middle class would have continued for I don’t know how long, until I had a brainstorm. I checked the provinces’ Sunshine lists of those civil servants making over $100 000 per year. I started trying to contact these people. I contacted a few. Half didn’t know but the other half said “Yes, I believe I am part of Justin Trudeau’s middle class for I have received some minor help from him.”

The trend was more obvious when I matched salaries to those in the know. Justin had helped the richer ones on the list.

It was as obvious as my middle finger on my hand. “Middle” is a vague word. To qualify, the middle class could easily be defined as having a salary somewhere between $200 000 per year to $49 151 064 per year or less than E. Hunter Harrison makes courtesy of Canadian Pacific Railway Ltd. E. Hunter Harrison could be the lone salaried employee in the upper class.

To confirm, I checked Justin Trudeau’s policy and followed some of the governmental moneys spent. So I am now convinced that Justin’s middle class is exactly as stated above. My only problem with this is how could he exclude E. Hunter Harrison from all this largesse without inviting him to scream “Discrimination!”? Then I had it. Justin never said he wasn’t helping the upper class, too.

So now I think I have found Justin Trudeau’s middle class. Neoliberalism calls for neodefinitions.

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