The Chinese Revolt

Capitalism and communism make strange bedfellows. In China at its present state, with the communist party in charge of the government and capitalist businesses driving the economy, strange bedfellows is the norm. That such a contradiction in systems could make such a powerful economy was never obvious before China.

Still I suspect there is anger amongst the government that capitalism has produced the next most powerful people outside of the communist party. And surely the successful capitalists would just like to get rid of communism once and for all. Indeed I think that the capitalists are trying to slowly overthrow the government.

Beijing, the capital of China, is polluted. Very polluted. This has all come about by capitalism’s factories spewing out premature death. It is no different in the capital as attested by the Beijing summer Olympics a few years ago.

Many of the powerful arms of government are in polluted Beijing, including the National People’s Congress. And, I think, almost all are going to die prematurely because of the pollution. This is the plan of the capitalists.

It might only be deaths that are premature by a couple months. Or maybe a couple years. But death it will be and it will be caused by the engines of capitalism – the factories.

Sure the capitalists are going to kill themselves prematurely, too. That just shows you how serious a struggle it is. They are so locked in their death struggle that they can’t even save themselves.

So when the communists’ top posts change personnel many years from now, you will know that it was the capitalists that did it. Maybe one of those new leaders will step away from communism and the death struggle will finally be at an end.

Maybe this will happen before Beijing is powered by windmills and solar panels. Because that, too, might end the death struggle.

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