Password Progression

For many years now, having a password hasn’t been enough security for anything. Instead, many of us started using passphrases such a long, long time ago.

And you know, I have been told for years that this just isn’t good enough. To protect yourself better, you need at least 50 characters or what is a complete sentence. And I bet that this is no longer secure enough, that in fact your passsentence needs now to be passsentences. 2 or three of these sentences strung together ought to be fine for the time being.

But you know where this is progressing. Secure passsentences are just going to become longer until they are up to the longest thing that a person can memorize easily. Soon passpassages then passmonologues will be needed for the sake of security. Then it will be a passchapter. Then it will be a whole passbook.

So like it or not, to be able to use these things with no mistakes, we’re all going to have to rely on computers themselves to be able to enter our long, long, passchapters and later still our passbooks.

Only a computer will be able to enter such monstrosities without a mistake for access to all the sites we need to use. So I think, today, we are at that juncture where we will have to learn yet another skill on our computers. That is using programs that will be able to enter our passbooks on sites and gain us access to certain goodies on the world wide web.

But still to use these programs, it will be necessary to have them password protected.

To me that just sounds like the whole progression just starts over again. And maybe, just maybe we’ll need a computer program to access our computer program that contains our passbooks. Which will, again, have to be enabled by a password.

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