The Power of the Call Waiting Beep

Most people have used call waiting by now. You know, you’re talking to someone then someone else phones you, too. You hear a beep and you can switch between the first caller and the second caller. Why am I walking you through this? Because call waiting has another feature to it that I never realized could be used for my ends.

That beep that tells you there is a second caller only beeps on one phone. Of course it has to or both sides would click away from each other and never find each other again as the person who didn’t receive the call would have inadvertently hung up.

But that lack of a beep for the one party is a power thing that I never noticed. You don’t need a beep. You could simply say you heard a beep and its someone calling about something important. Thus you have a ready made excuse to get rid of the other caller.

But why would I possibly get rid of my first caller under false circumstances? Well if they are a blowhard that just rambles on and on, that might be a good enough reason right there. I think in the future I might use this call waiting power imbalance for precisely this purpose.

But how do I know there are no audible beeps when you are the first caller talking to your friend? Why because I have lost a call waiting face off many times.

Wait! Am I a blowhard that just rambles on and on?

Of course not. My stories are always interesting. Aren’t they?

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