Do Hunters Belong in the Eighties?

If the eighties were about nothing else, they were about big money and the pursuit of such. Hunters will also pursue doe. Well that is when a nice stag isn’t available. And also this is supposed to help cull the deer population in general.

Pop music dominated the eighties airwaves. From Madonna to Michael Jackson to Cindy Lauper. Pop was big in the eighties. And who else in the family hunts seriously? Why Pop of course. This subtle sexism was more obvious in the eighties. Sometimes Pop did this while consuming pop.

Where would the eighties be without fans? And blowing back the hair of all the beautiful people? Hunters also like to have their hair blown back. That means they are heading into the wind and thus their prey cannot smell them easily.

Are hunters as out of date as the eighties? Well their plaids and buckskins might be but camouflage seems to still be in style.

The very act of hunting might very well be out of style. After all it is the teens and we are very obviously in the anthropocene or the era when men are the prime drivers for most of the earth. Really in the anthropocene men are more likely to kill animals and whole species by accident. So I guess you could say that hunting is now out of date. Go back to the eighties, all you trophy hunters, that is if you want to belong.

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