Kammarina was despondent about working at the White House as a cleaner. She had asked her employers for a better contract but none were available since it was a given that you start at the bottom.

She was descended from an obscure South American indigenous group. They were a lot like other groups from their area it’s just that her group didn’t use the ‘t’ sound in their language. Thus Kammarina didn’t use the ‘t’ sound in her English, either.

This worried her to some degree. “Please,” she had asked, “don” make me ‘alk ‘o the presiden’.”

Her supervisor could only ask, “Wha?”

She slowed herself down and carefully chose her words. “Please do no’ make me speak with the presiden’.”

“Gotcha,” said her supervisor. “We don’t wish to make this job any harder than it needs to be. So no, you will not to need to speak with the president.”

This, Kammarina was to find on only her fifth day working there, was a lie. It was the very first time that she had worked in the presence of the president.

“Miss, can you clear away my empty glass?” he asked.

“Sure,” she said, hoping to remain under the radar. She snatched the glass and headed toward the kitchen.

“Not so fast,” said the president. “You forgot my honourifics.”

She wasn’t exactly sure what he meant by this so she tried a couple of tacks. “Sorry, sir, Mis’er Donald, sir.”

“Melania and I agreed she had to spend some time in New York. So, no I don’t miss her. Hey! We are not on a first name basis!”

“Sorry, Mis’er ‘rump, sir!”

“Yeah, I do. Hey! Use my last name and make it clear I have achieved the highest office in the land!

As a person that usually didn’t use ‘t’s she tried her best and even placed her teeth together in the way others do when they make ‘t’s. As luck would have it she got 2 of 3 ‘t’s right. “Sorry, Mister President ‘rump, sir.

President Trump made a sour face which turned to a smile as he realized he had a chance to use his old catch phrase. “You’re fired! Get out of here!”

Kammarina smiled. ‘Perhaps this would be for the best’ she thought as she left for the check points. Getting out this early meant that she might never be grabbed by that man by her p**sy. That made it a victory for her. Even the yelling of her supervisor would not sour that.

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