Werewolves On the Moon

Werewolves are said to transform in the presence of a full Moon. Why is this? Well there must be something special about all that light coming from the sun and reflecting off the Moon and arriving at Earth.

I think it has to do with the quantity of moonlight received by the Earth. Too little, like during a 1st or last quarter of a Moon and there is not enough total moonlight to transform anything like a werewolf. Certainly there is zero chance of a transformation during a new Moon. Only a full Moon provides enough moonlight.

If this is true, then during a period when the Moon is furthest from the Earth, even a full Moon might not be enough. Conversely, when the Moon is at its closest or a super Moon there might be five nights when the werewolf prowls. The middle of these two extremes, the full Moon, or transformation time, might be 3 nights.

The other effect on moonlight occurs when the Earth’s shadow eclipses the Moon. This happens for a couple hours every once in a while and might put a big damper on the hunting that a werewolf could do that night. Imagine being a weak human for that two hours. Bah!

So, a rocket ship containing a werewolf astronaut on a trip to the Moon would likely see more and more moonlight as it approached the Moon. Indeed, as the ship went in orbit around the Moon, more than 3 quarters of the time the werewolf would be in its wolf phase. This would be because more than 3 quarters of the time a slice of Moon larger in area than the full Moon as seen from the Earth, would be visible.

As the ship descended from orbit, this would no longer be the case. As it landed all the effective moonshine would exist from horizon to horizon. But half the time there would be no effect because half the time the Moon is in the dark during its period of orbiting the Earth. So there would be a two week cycle of being a human, then there would be sunrise and a two week cycle of being a wolf.

It would seem counter intuitive that a werewolf in its wolf phase would operate in the daytime on the Moon. But that is a direct result of supposing that the light of the full Moon is the trigger for the transformation. The human phase of the werewolf would be out and about at night.

This means that vampires could easily kill the human form of the werewolf at night, while the werewolf could easily defeat the vampires in daytime. Maybe love would win the day and a vampire would go easy on a human werewolf at night. They could fall in love if they kept meeting at night. Then the day wolf could guard the coffin of its beloved vampire.

What the progeny of this love affair on the moon would be like, I leave to my readers to sort out. But I am certain that the progeny would be interesting.

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