Fun With Flag Burning

Hate is so common in the nation of Iran that the country supports a business that makes American, Israeli and British flags just for burning.

Iran regularly holds protest days in the year so the business is quite steady and not the angry against the US one day and then back to business as usual the next day.

I say sweet. How are we going to get in on the action of hate and make a profit while making our carbon footprint bigger?

First of all I thought we should do this with the flag of Iran. A natural reaction, some might say, and a bit of retaliation for how they view the west. But when we burn the Iranian flags, how are our fellow patriots going to know we are burning the flag of Iran?

I am fairly literate in countries and flags of the world. But despite being able to point out Iran on a map of the world, I’m not sure what their flag looks like. I have this vague idea that Muslim countries have moons on their flags so I might guess that. Except I know most Muslim countries are Sunni Muslims and I know this is not true of Iran. So what do they have on their flag? I don’t know.

I just looked up the flag of Iran. It is a horizontally laid out tricolour flag of green, white and red. In the middle of the white is a red symbol and there is Iranian writing on the borders of the green and white and the red and white, also. I would never have recognized this as the flag of Iran.

Oh we could burn Iranian flags alright it’s just that we would have to explain to everyone old and young that it is the Iranian flag we are burning.

“What flag?!”

“The Iranian flag!”




But we don’t have to just burn the flags of countries we are currently on the outs with. As a flag making enterprise, we could just make up reasons to be angry with any country.

But some burnings might cause confusion. While burning the Liberian flag some might ask, “Isn’t that the flag of a US state?” It sure does look like it could be with its solitary, white star in a blue square on a red and white striped background.

Still hate is easy. And now that I know it can be a moneymaker, I don’t think anyone could deter me from making a buck off of burning flags.

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