The Three Ninjas in Jail

Despite being put in the same jail at the same time, the experiences of the 3 ninjas, who battled against the Mother Earth Force in Montreal, were different. The other criminals were suspicious of what had taken down the trio. The trio answered honestly.

“But why are these superheros named after a female?” Was the first question they got.

The trio tried to explain it was a mixed male/female crime fighting team.

“So who was captured by a male crime fighter?” someone asked.

Immediately one hand shot up. “I fought Tail. Look him up. He’s a musclebound lunkhead with an extra tail to spoil all my martial arts moves.”

The other two were quieter about what happened. Still it got drawn out of them slowly. They thought Modern Ninja had captured them but weren’t quite sure. She had used invisibility they thought. They were just looking at normal scenery when all of a sudden they were decked. The other criminals found that ‘Eagle’, the first ninja taken, was knocked out with no warning. ‘Nuclear Submarine’ was the second ninja that saw his partner taken down by Modern Ninja. He just said that suddenly Eagle was down. He saw nothing after that until he, himself, was rendered unconscious.

“So you both got taken down by a woman superhero?” asked a particularly large man listening to the goings on.

“She was invisible.” The duo defended.

“I’m sorry, Nuclear Submarine. But you had warning and it was a female that beat you up. That makes you the weakest.” A couple of the men crowded Nuclear Submarine and then the fists began to fly. Nuclear Submarine was ably defending himself when the guards came in with a water cannon and broke up the fight. They took Nuclear Submarine and two other men to cool down in the hole.

Afterwards one of the men beside the ninja that attacked Tail, said “You’re cool! What do we call you?”

“Traditional Ninja is good enough.” He was left alone after that exchange. The same could not be said for Eagle.

The other criminals seemed to alternate between Nuclear Submarine and Eagle when starting fights. 2 or 3 would start the fight but the guards were quick with their water cannons and the hole punishment.

No one was getting seriously hurt but it still bothered Traditional Ninja. How could he arrange for the escape of the three of them when Eagle or Nuclear Submarine were perpetually in the hole. After a few weeks the fights (finally!) seemed to die down and Traditional Ninja got in touch with the Ninja League.

The league was a loose association of ninjas. There were only a few things it wouldn’t tolerate and the jailing of ninjas was one of those. It led to a daring and wild helicopter flight above the yard where the three scaled the rope ladder and were whisked away to freedo,m.

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