3 Ninja Fight

It happened almost a week later when both the Fairway Mall was closed and Near Absolute Hero was away fighting a fire. Tail and Modern Ninja waited less than a block away from the mall, with Mother Earth on the car display. Mother Earth had access to all the video from the mall.

They talked about the plan and other things. Finally, Mother Earth could show an SUV pulling up to the mall with three ninjas getting out of it. Tail at the wheel, they raced to that place. In a moment they pulled up to the SUV. Just before the pair of physical superheroes were told by Mother Earth, “I’m guessing you have a minute and a half.”

Tail worked on the SUV. He had been practicing his break in skills for months now. It only took him half a minute to get the door open. It then took him a full 45 seconds to hot wire the car. He breathed a sigh of relief as he drove off with it to the far end of the parking lot.

Modern Ninja was set up beside the doors of the  mall waiting for a ninja or two or three to come out. While Tail was still moving the SUV, one of the ninjas came out. Modern Ninja figured this was the lead one and decided to leave this one be as he ran after the SUV.

It was a toss up in Modern Ninja’s mind and indeed her crime fighting allies if the next ninjas would come out one at a time or in tandem.

They came out in tandem and went parallel to each other, running after the SUV like their friend. Modern Ninja ran with them and used her invisibility to remain unseen. She tripped and kicked the closest one. The other one looked over and realized what had happened. He tried to speed up but wasn’t fast enough for Modern Ninja. She tripped him as well.

Before she could get to him, the ninja threw three throwing stars where he guessed Modern Ninja was. But Modern Ninja was in none of those places and kicked his head which made him fall backwards and hit his head again.

Tail was with the SUV still and the first ninja had caught up to the now not moving vehicle. The ninja thought about it for a moment. But then decided that he was up against a superhero. So Tail was unlikely to use the SUV to drive over or kill him. The ninja continued his approach.

That Ninja was kicked in the back of the head by Modern Ninja, such that his head hit the metal of the SUV. After that it was just a couple moments of handcuffing. Mother Earth alerted the police and the superheroes loaded into their car and were off.

It was another successful moment for the Mother Earth Force.

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