Are We In Napoleonic Europe?

Last Sunday, I heard from London, that Paris had burnt Berlin, only to meet its Waterloo and be detained since.

Shades of the Napoleonic wars. Napoleonic France (whose capital was Paris), conquered Prussia (where Berlin is the capital) (Napoleon didn’t bother holding all his conquered territory) only to eventually proceed to Waterloo where once again they faced off against the Prussians (with the British, Russians and Austrians) where Napoleon lost decisively.

But my story occurred last week in Southwestern Ontario.

A man from Paris, Ontario along with a minor, torched three Walmarts in Kitchener-Waterloo. Kitchener used to be called Berlin before the the first world war. I don’t apologize for using its old name. The first two Walmarts torched were in Berlin (Kitchener). The last one was in Waterloo. Granted it took a day or two for the footage to implicate that Paris, Ontario man. I couldn’t see this news on the Berlin (Kitchener) television station because it was a Sunday when the news is preempted by American football. So I saw it on the London, Ontario television station.

That was an exhausting simile. Perhaps I’ll go rest up in Stratford on the Avon, Ontario or Brussels, Ontario or even Dublin, Ontario. You get the idea.

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