Billionaires vs Billionaires

By now I bet we’ve all heard about the billionaire space race. Who is going to be the first billionaire into space? Well actually it’s more than that. Which billionaire will be first into space on their own company’s rocket?

First it looked like Jeff Bezos had this thing. He was the first billionaire to set a date. July 20th of this month he will be going up on his Blue Origin rocket.

Then Richard Branson couldn’t resist and announced he would go up on July 11 in his Virgin Galactic plane to rocket. It’s billionaire Branson vs. billionaire Bezos for best business.

But is this the best we can do? If we’re seriously going to have a billionaire vs. billionaire match-up, the competition that I most want to see (and therefore the world) is two billionaires battling head to head in a mixed martial arts event.

It would probably take a good six months for these highly motivated individuals to ready themselves for such a competition. But in the meantime hype would have reached almost every corner of the globe and at last we’d have our fight.

For two untried individuals the purse for such a fight would be huge. Perhaps in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or (say it with me now with your curled up hand in your face while your outstretched pinky touches the corner of your mouth) One. Million. Dollars.

It would definitely be worth these billionaires’ time to do this event. They could walk in with capes that had Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic pasted on. They could take them off and then fly them like a flag for the whole match.

Now that’s the kind of showmanship they used in the old days. It’s about time they got it right. I bet it would promote the projects of this pair better than anything.

And if a billionaire or two manages to get his teeth knocked out, that’s just the random event generator that is mixed martial arts.

Finally we would have the show that the public really wants. Bezos is younger and has that advantage, while Branson plays dirty in case you didn’t get that from his one upping of Bezos. The results are going to be spectacular.

Perhaps another billionaire could challenge Trump and we could have a billionaire series. Indeed every billionaire should be made to fight MMA style at least once. After all they keep telling us we live in a meritocracy. So perhaps billionaires could show a little merit.

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