White Face

Largely Justin Trudeau got away with the black face he used because whites are the majority in Canada and North America. I guess that by and large blacks don’t want to use white face in revenge because then many whites will think they now have permission to use black face, no matter the occasion.

But I would just like to say that ‘white face’ already exists in our culture. That’s right, the much maligned mime uses white face. I don’t know the history or even the reason why but it is so strong that it has become tradition for the mime.

So maybe people could imply doing white face around Justin Trudeau – without the white faces or any makeup at all.

Say Justin’s motorcade is coming down your street on its way to the airport. If you are in a twosome, one of you could stand on each side of the road. You could then mime a rope between you, in the path of the motorcade.

On second thought let’s scratch that one. Sometimes motorcades use motorcycles and a real rope could haul down a motorcycle. So the authorities in charge might try to arrest you for your joke.

Still you could mime ‘the inside of a box’. Maybe not at a motorcade but whenever Justin is in the same area as you.

Say you’re having your wedding outside. And Justin decides to photo bomb you. You could mock him by doing ‘the inside of a box’. Here the mocking is more than justified. He thinks he is so special that any group would just love to be photo bombed by him. But even more importantly, when he photo bombs, he is not surrounded by guards who are ready to arrest people no matter how slight the provocation.

You could also save the rope for when Justin is being interviewed outside and you and a friend are in the background.

I would love to tell you how to do a few more mime tricks around Justin, to truly mock his black face. But let’s face facts. Miming as an art is generally so boring that I would fall asleep while watching the third, fourth and fifth miming tricks.

I guess you could say that miming is boring. Or vanilla, Or white bread. But if it can mock the leader (Justin) then it suddenly becomes interesting.

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