Greater NYC Wants a Fourth NHL Team – The Reason Why May Surprise You

New York already has the New York Islanders, the New York Rangers and the New Jersey Devils in greater New York City. But there have been stirrings about a possible 4th team to make things even more interesting for a New Yorker.

The reason why should be obvious to most New Yorkers and big sports fans. Looking at other sports, they already have the Mets, Jets, and Nets. Surely a hockey team can be found that has a rhyming name with these sports teams.

The Islanders, Rangers and Devils all have multiple Stanley cups to their names so of course none of these teams want to look out for the greater New York good by changing their names to something that rhymes. So the international consortium looking at this has decided that a new team would be beneficial for New York.

Now the NHL has just added a 32nd team to the roster and does not want to change this just yet, because this evenly splits the NHL into 4 divisions of 8 teams. And now, half the teams make the playoffs whereas half don’t . So I am afraid to say it might be many years before an expansion team is available.

So I think it is just a matter of time. They’ll wait for some team to struggle so much that it fails. Then, like New Jersey before it, the consortium will swoop in and save the team, only if it moves to New York.

But what rhyming name will it choose? Aren’t all the good ones taken?

Well that international consortium is rumoured to be a sports betting conglomerate. As such, the new team will likely be named the New York Bets.

The division all the New York teams are in is called the Metropolitan Division. Metropolitan what? I’d say Metropolitan New York. So it would only make sense that half the teams would be in Greater New York City. And that is a secondary reason that New York is going to get their fourth NHL franchise some time in the near future.

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