Rainbow Adventure

We are told that a rainbow is an optical illusion that depends on your perspective, the position of the sun, and the existence of water droplets in the air. But that doesn’t say if the pot of gold exists.

The pot of gold is said to exist at the end of the rainbow. But the rainbow has two ends. So I would like to explore both ends. That point about it being from your perspective is important. I believe this can be solved by using a drone.

So I hired a couple men from the Drone Barn off Highway 85. They lived relatively near me and could rush over, whenever the sun was up and there was rain and clearing. All I had to do was spy a rainbow and we could get to work on our rainbow adventure.

I had good views at my lovely home in the country. All that was in the way were the odd tree, house and barn. One day I spotted a rainbow after a shower. I notified the two men from the Drone Barn and just as I was setting up my drone, they arrived in their cars with their own drones. I launched mine first. Their drones followed shortly after.

Now the key was to find where the rainbow was at from our perspective. As such, my drone was aimed at the top of the rainbow, aiming to fly right through it. The two hired drones would also be aimed at other parts of the rainbow, lower down on either side of my drone.

Flying right through it would give away where the rainbow actually was. When my drone flew through, it was invisible behind the colours. Where it came back, where it was visible again, was just in front of the rainbow. Using this, we determined where the top of the rainbow was.

The other two drones operated by the two men, determined where the rainbow was from their positions. Calculations could now be done to uncover where the two ends of the rainbow were. Both of the two hired drones would have a head start. My drone chased the one on the left.

Through my drone’s camera I could see the image of the left hired drone descending. I saw nothing, just farmland below it’s descent. My only hope now, was that the pot of gold was being hidden by the hired drone. It must be a small pot of gold in that case.

The hired drone landed. So finally I circled around hoping to see a blocked pot of gold but alas, I couldn’t see anything.

But the man on my left said, “I have something. It’s small and it’s light so it won’t be the pot of gold we were hoping for.”

“I’ve got something, too. It’s light and easy to carry,” said the man on my right.

There was nothing to do but to fly the three drones back to our position. On the way I pestered my hired men for clues. But they were not giving away anything.

All three drones landed in front of us. I just stopped mine from running. The hired men each took something out of the payload of their drones. Each had a box of chocolates that they gave me.

“Your pots of gold!” one of them said.

“You had the chocolates aboard all along!” I accused.

“It all depends on your perspective,” said the other hired man. We all laughed at this. I shared the chocolates with them.

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