Giant Flying Space Phalluses

Jeff Bezos was so excited last year when he was brought the final designs for his New Shepard rocket. But one of his employees was disgruntled enough to say what everyone else was thinking.

“So there’ll be giant flying space phalluses next year,” he said.

“Oh!” said Bezos clearly shocked. “And I’ll be in a position to see them. Everything is coming together for next year.”

“Uh, sure.”

So Bezos made sure the life support system had great windows so as to see the giant flying space phalluses as easily as possible.

Earlier this year he was excited to go up in the New Shepard rocket but depressed while up there because he didn’t see any giant flying space phalluses. He didn’t want to be a downer for the press that would eventually interview him about his flight. So he expressed his feelings to his brother, Mark.

Mark said, “Maybe the giant flying space phallus is right here,” and he tapped his brother on the temple.

“Oh!” said Jeff Bezos. “So the giant flying space phallus has been right here all along. All I have to do is uncover it.”

“Something like that,” said Mark.

“Well, since it’s been in my brain, I’ll need to get it out with LSD or something. Mark! Do you know where to get LSD?”

“Hush up and enjoy the free fall. We’ve only got a minute left!”

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