Betting on Wrestling

Sports betting has taken off in my part of the world. It seems you can bet on almost any pro sport you want. So far there have been no betting scandals in the professional leagues that I am aware of. In this day of the professional sports player that is a multi millionaire, it is assumed that no one will risk their career just for a one time payout.

Will no games remain unrigged? Maybe some athlete will take a dive, eventually. And there will be scandal and everyone will wonder why we ever allowed sports betting again. But what is a dive if not acting? Which brings us to professional wrestling.

Do not professional wrestlers make enough money that their reputations are beyond reproach? Don’t they make enough to stay on script regardless of what the betting is like? The writers of the professional wrestling matches, though, must be held to account. As such we must demand to find out who writes the wrestling scripts.

Once the writers are found out, they can be given iron clad contracts to sign. You know. They must reveal nothing about any match until that match is over with. Something like the Marvel movie contracts. We must stomp out the improprieties of rigged betting before it begins.

Finally, we the audience might be able to have an effect on how the scripts of pro wrestling go. Pro wrestling is popular enough that you’ll have to have some clout if you will be allowed to bother the writers. Instead we’ll have to schmooze the writers with lobbyists. Each athlete’s fan clubs ought to be able to afford a lobbyist. And if they can’t, that athlete isn’t popular enough and should be sent down to the minors. Wealthy fans could afford their very own lobbyist.

The writers may or may not use what the lobbyists tell them. But just know that the lobbyists have their ear.

Maybe a writer will write a tell all book about this intriguing world with all those lobbyists and the writers and even the stars of pro wrestling. I’d be intrigued to find out just how much the writers script. For instance, do they script the love lives of the wrestlers? Well at least the parts that make if on to our television screens. Do they script the managers, coaches and referees? We might finally find out.

Then again the public might be outraged about any sport with acting that has betting in it. So if this is the case, expect soccer betting to be banned just like pro wrestling betting. The public may be able to accept acting injured to draw a penalty with no betting. But with betting that would be just too much to bear. Especially if the player has no injury a second after drawing the penalty.

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