Late March, 2023, Grab Bag o’ Humour

People may question why McDonald’s brought out their new chicken Big Mac. I’m just wondering why it took them so long. Some might say the taste is a little bland after their palates have been accustomed to the normal Big Mac. But McDonald’s will quietly wait while those old taste palates become accustomed to the new offering.

When McDonald’s began, chicken meat was more expensive than ground beef. Changes in the shape of chickens (due to selective breeding) has changed this factor. Now chicken is the cheaper meat and McDonald’s is now waiting (and hoping) that they can change our taste buds to liking chicken better.

Wait for it. The Quarter Pound Chicken with Cheese is next up. But I expect McDonald’s to hedge their bets and keep offering hamburgers, too. If the consumer is going to try to be cheap about their purchases, McDonald’s has that covered. If the consumer prefers the taste of hamburgers, McDonald’s will have that covered as well.


There’s a little bit of surprise in the air that Succession is having it’s last season be the 4th season. It used to be that shows would pull out all the stops to make it to the 5th season. Why the 5th season? Well this is the magical year when most syndication deals are possible.

However, with the advent of streaming, and marathon small screen watching, making it to the 5th season isn’t quite as important. In other words, network television is losing some of its pull.

And the show creators all remember what happened to Babylon 5. It was planned to be a 5 season show from the outset. But I guess, 3rd season numbers weren’t what the network wanted to see. So they gave the warning: finish it off in the 4th season because that is as long as the show would get.

So the most important story ideas were finished off early. Everyone wanted to see how all the arcs would tie together in the end. Viewership went up. So much so, that at the end of the 4th season the network relented and said there would be a 5th season.

Now all the arcs didn’t get tied up in the 4th season, just most of the more important ones. Still the 5th season became known as an almost pointless season.


Some people are so adverse to losing that they will take me up on my next idea. If you’re going to play “she loves me, she loves me not” with a flower’s petals, why not use a trillium? This 3 petaled flower basically guarantees a win.

Assuming that “she loves me” is a win, that is. If you are playing the game with a she or he or a they that is so repugnant you can’t believe it, the answer is to play with a poppy. This four petaled flower guarantees that she/he/they will love you not.

And for those who don’t like winning for whatever messed up reason, use a poppy when it’s good to be loved and a trillium when it’s bad to be loved.

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