‘Battle of the Generations’ to be Called Off?

The new show which pits Boomers against Gen Xers against Millennials against Gen Zers may be forced to come to a halt. Why? Because of the scarcity of Gen Xers.

When Gen X was in its infancy, it was firstly called the baby bust. That’s because there was a sharp drop off in babies after the baby boom. So obviously, to begin with, there were a lot fewer Gen Xers.

Then, to add to the scarcity, Baby Boomers and Millennials both spread their range into the Gen X territory, making Gen X even scarcer.

And now, this generational trivia show has siphoned off all the remaining Gen Xers who are good at trivia and can handle being on camera. With no one left to carry the torch for Gen X, filming of this new show has ground to a halt.

For commentary we asked gen Xer, John Abelson what he thought of this kerfuffle. All he did was ask “Is that camera on?” We finally told him it wasn’t. Then he said, “It has a light on. Is that camera on?” We gave up after our deadline for reporting had passed.

We asked the other Gen Xer Tracey Tyson if she would be interested in carrying the torch for Gen X. She said, “As sure as the British won the American Revolution, I will out trivia anyone,”

So now CTV is scrambling to try to put something together. They are thinking of changing the name to “Battle of the Significant Generations”. After all there are still some Silent generation people around who were never included in this show. Of course, if they were included, they wouldn’t be very silent.

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