Lessons in Geography

Let’s look at the continents starting from south to north. There is Antarctica. Then comes the currently joined plates of America. Then comes Australia. Then there’s Africa. Certainly not least is Asia. Last of all is Europe.

One of these continents is different. Well at least one of these doesn’t start and end in an A. Now why would Europe be separated so much in the English language?

But wait. Saying there is a continent of America is really quite a stretch. Obviously it should be broken down into North America and South America. This makes these names different as well. Maybe because both continents were heavily settled by Europeans. Since indigenous Americans hadn’t been exposed to the old world’s viruses and germs, Europeans were able to heavily colonize the Americas.

Then what’s the story with Australia? They also were heavily colonized by Europeans because of a decimated indigenous population. I think the difference is obvious. Any day now, the indigenous are going to rise up and kick all the Europeans out of Australia. I give it two years, tops. It’s all in the name.


There is much debate in Canada about where Hollywood North is. Toronto has claimed this title, So has Vancouver. Montreal has too. I bet anytime a Canadian prairie city has a film shot in it, that they do to. I used to be an agnostic in this debate. Now I believe in a pan Hollywood North. i.e. Hollywood North is all of Canada.

The thing about Hollywood and California in general are the nice temperatures for its climate. Canada will never have this. Even with climate change, we won’t have this. Our temperatures just get too cold for California equivalency.

However another part of the climate can shift to be more like California and Hollywood. And it may have already shifted because of climate change.

California usually has massive wildfires every year. Indeed some plants rely on regular fires to procreate. Canada hasn’t had such extremes before but with this year’s fire season across virtually the whole country, its looking to match California’s wildfire season.

Instead of just matching California’s first two letters, Canada has raised the stakes to maybe also include regular wildfires. We’re not just Hollywood North anymore. We’re also California North.

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