August 2023 Grab Bag o’ Humour

I just saw that scientists are trying to mimic meat more completely, with new textures. I was about to go “Yay science,” when I realized that I like things right where they are, now.

I like the taste of the vegetarian meat substitutes, right now. It tastes enough like meat to make me satisfied. If it had the texture of meat, I might not like it so much.

You see, meat is fibrous. And those fibres can get stuck between your teeth. Thus resulting in the need for toothpicks. I have never had to use a toothpick for any of the vegetarian meat products. This is a good thing. It is an advantage over meat in my opinion.

But wait. In the same news bite, they also said that the plant based texture they are experimenting with is really inexpensive. So the suspicion is that once they get this new meat substitute up and running, it will likely be cheaper than meat. So it may become more commonplace than the current meat substitutes.

In other words we could end up paying more to not use toothpicks. The premium vegetarian meat substitute is available now. So enjoy them right now.


I’m a tiny bit jealous of transgender kids. They can, unbeknownst to their parents, be known by a different name in school. (At least in some parts of Canada).

I would have loved this and used it when I was younger, and heck, even today.

Back in those school years it would be fun to be known as Farty Mcfartface. Imagine that. You could make the teacher say fart twice, every time they addressed you. Of course it would be even better making the teacher say a swear word. But that’s not going to happen. If they ban them on licence plates they can ban them in your preferred name.

I do suspect that in the romance department that females wouldn’t like to go out with a Farty McFartface. So that would likely goad me into changing my name to something more normal. So from then on, I would like to be know as Gnorman Gnormal.

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