Don’t Believe We’ve Been on the Moon?

I could try to lead you to that revelation. Like saying we can easily see satellites circling and the International Space Station, if you cared to actually observe. Getting to the moon is only a couple steps beyond this.

But instead I will say mankind still hasn’t scaled Everest. After all, the air has to be so thin up there that they’d need to carry oxygen tanks up there with them. And amongst all their other equipment they’d have to take, it would all be too heavy to scale with. I know there are stories about expeditioners ditching spent oxygen tanks. But that just means they had to carry up more than one. Which gets heavier and more unwieldy. To me, the math just doesn’t work out.

So what was that kerfuffle in 1953 with Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay? Why they were just the first two to officially give up for the reasons cited above. Instead they partied at base camp and got their made up stories straight.

They decided how long it should take to make it up with all the equipment they’d need. Every step of the story was worked out, and when they got back, the public accepted the story like prime grade suckers.

Have you dreamed of heckling the Moon walkers live and in person? Only 12 people have supposed to have walked on the moon. By comparison, about 400 mountain climbers say they attempt to scale Everest in 1 year. Your chances of meeting an Everest climber is much bigger than a moon walker. So heckle the Everest climbers.

But why was Edmund Hillary met with such a positive response? Because his plan for the Everest climbers to just party at base camp saved many lives. Thus he was knighted.

Now there are a lot of true believers. What if one of them goes to the Everest base camp and doesn’t want to pretend? Those are the ones who climb up but never come down. That’s what they get for being a true believer.

Harsh? Yes. But the whole story of Everest is harsh. It’s a story of man against nature, where nature should win. But thankfully the ranks of the true believers becomes smaller every year. As evidenced by the way a higher percentage of the climbers make it every year.

Don’t believe we’ve made it to the moon? Well don’t try to entertain me with your mountain climbing stories.

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