Ford Flip Flops

Doug Ford is a known flip flopper. First he wasn’t going to develop Ontario’s greenbelt. Then he was going to develop it come hell or high water. If a developer crony of his became a billionaire, so be it. Then when he flip flopped the other day after a bad time in the press and after 3 resignations because of it, we’re supposed to believe he has flip flopped for the final time on this issue.

How can we the public, make sure this is his final flip flop on the issue? Maybe we can sell it as the patriotic thing to do.

You see, the flower of Ontario and the most often used symbol in Ontario propaganda is the trillium. Which is so named because it is a 3 petaled flower.

We can just say that like a patriotic Ontarian, Doug Ford was just playing I Love the Greenbelt/I Hate the Greenbelt on a trillium as a way to give him definitive answers on the subject. He started with I Love the Greenbelt. And like any truly patriotic Ontarian, he also ended with I Love the Greenbelt on the third and final petal. We can just ignore his I Hate the Greenbelt on his second petal that he agreed with many times and quite loudly.

So not only has Doug Ford canned his aggression against the Greenbelt, he did it in a way that seems patriotic.

Of course some Ontarians may find it offensive that he destroyed a trillium in this process, too. I guess you just can’t win for flip flopping.

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