Meta Force vs Mother Earth Force

The Big Smoke’s fire chief had a direct line to Near Absolute Hero. On this fateful day, Near Absolute Hero answered, “Where is the emergency?”

“It’s not quite an emergency, yet. I have a group of masked and caped people demanding to speak with Mother Earth Force. There are four of them and they say they can beat mother earth force into submission! They call themselves Meta Force.”

“Are they evil?”

“They must be, with what they say they want to do with you. They are chanting various things outside the fire Headquarters now.”

“Are they destroying things or slowing any fire trucks?”

“No. But we’re not sure how long their good behaviour might last.”

Near Absolute Hero alerted the rest of Mother Earth Force and three of them arrived at Fire HQ with Mother Earth being present on various computers in the immediate area.

Meta Force stood arms akimbo in a line, their capes flapping in the light breeze. All four were head to toe in the different colours of red, blue, orange and green but with matching black masks.

“Mother Earth Force,” the red Meta Force speaker piped up loud enough for everyone to hear, “we intend to demolish you in a game of metaphors and similes.”

“My ears,” cried Tail. “I can’t unhear that pun!”

“Nevertheless,” said the blue Meta Force man, “you will come up with a metaphor or simile in the category we will have the fire chief draw.”

“You are wasting our valuable time.” declared Mother Earth from the closest laptop. The fireman with the computer obliged and he showed the screen to Meta Force. “We demand that you only do one round and if we tie you we will see it as a win for ourselves.”

“Fine,” said the orange woman of Meta Force. “If we tie we will see it as our own victory. Begin!”

The fire chief drew from folded papers inside a fire hat. He pulled one, opened it and read, “Pop music. Meta Force begins.”

The green man of Meta Force sang, “Dust in the wind, all we are is dust in the wind.” The 70s Kansas song was recognized by some of those present.

The fire chief said, “Next,” and pointed at Near Absolute Hero. He went, “uh, uh, Love is like oxygen, you get too much you get too high, not enough and your gonna die.” The Sweet song stopped when the simile was done.

“Next,” the chief pointed at the red Meta Force man who sang, “I want to be your sledge hammer.” He sung the Peter Gabriel song while staring at Modern Ninja.

“Next,” the chief pointed at Modern Ninja who sang, “I’m just looking for one divine hammer, I’d bang it all day.” She sang the snippet of the Breeders song while looking at Near Absolute Hero.

“You,” said the chief pointing at the blue Meta Force man who sang, “I came in like a wrecking ball , I never hit so hard in love, all I wanted was to break your walls”. The Miley Cyrus song was known by all.

“Tail’s turn,” said the chief. Tail sang, “You’re a sky full of stars because you light up the path.” He could have went further with the Coldplay song but instead the chief said, “Next!”

The orange woman said “Coldplay, huh?” then she sung “You, you are my universe, and I just want to put you first.”

The chief went. “And Mother Earth wherever you are, you’re next!”

From all of the computers within earshot, they could here Mother Earth sing, “Bloodsucker, dream crusher, bleeding me dry like a ) @ ^^ ^ vampire.” The Olivia Rodrigo song then fell to silence.

“We all win!” shouted the orange woman.

The fire chief said, “No! Meta Force said they could beat Mother Earth Force into submission. They have failed.”

With that, Mother Earth Force dispersed. The heads of Meta Force hung dejectedly.

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