Hounding the Hounder

Alright this is two weeks old but I just didn’t want back to back posts against Harold Albrecht. That’s right, that Harold Albrecht. He sent me the latest propaganda days after the mega propaganda piece. I waited but needed to post about this one because it contains a lie.

He says that the Conservative government is “Standing up to proposed taxes by the Liberals, Bloc Quebecois, and NDP on electronic devices such as iPods, cell phones and laptops”.

Let me be clear right at the beginning. He lies. The proposal is a levy, not a tax, on iPods, cell phones and laptops. All the money will be transferred to Harold Albrecht’s big business friends in the album, TV and movies businesses.

The other parties proposed the levy in order not to criminalize the majority of Canadians who have downloaded a song or a movie. The levy presumes Canadians will continue to download these things, and offers a fair way to pay that makes the majority non criminal.

The conservatives propose a scheme of money making for their big business friends that makes DRM automatically trump everything else. DRM is a program that will take over your own computer and decide what you owe to the big businesses that made it. In the Conservative world, DRM trumps everything else. So you are the second in command of the computer you bought – DRM is first in command. DRM has crippled law abiding computers in the past (the Sony Rootkit) and there is no reason to believe that it will continue to be more docile.

The big recording companies want DRM to be king as well as the Conservative party. When the other parties will collect for them. That can only mean one thing. The Conservative strategy will result in more money for the recording companies. Which means that the Conservatives are not “Standing Up for Canadian Consumers.” But Harold Albrecht’s propaganda lies and says that they are.

2 lies in one mailing, Harold Albrecht? Shame. Shame.

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