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I was curious if the Bare Naked Ladies’ (BNL) theme for the Big Bang Theory was a shortened version of a full song. I found the long version on YouTube and the earliest reference to it implies that it was made in 2007.

I like the theme for the Big Bang Theory, and for that shortened version I don’t know of any mistakes. It’s just that in two ways the rest of the song is out of date, scientifically.

“The dinosaurs all met their fate, they tried to leap but they were late, and they all died, they froze their asses off” is how some of the song goes. It used to be assumed that a big enough asteroid strike would cause a winter, possibly for the whole planet, that might last months.

Maybe the “winter” might still happen. But it is now believed that a big asteroid strike would heat the atmosphere incredibly for the first few hours. Anything unable to dive in water or burrow into the ground would be cooked. Thus it may have caused the first and largest BBQ.

This global superheating can be found easily on the Internet like here. Note the date, 2004, and it mentions that this was known for the last decade.

And the song goes on, “It’s expanding ever outward [the Universe] but one day, It will cause the stars to go the other way, Collapsing ever inward, We won’t be here, It won’t hurt, Our best and brightest figure that it’ll make an even bigger bang!”

Are they really promoting the “Big Crunch” (the collapsing) as modern science? Another look at the Internet shows that the Universe is expanding at an accelerating rate. With an accelerating rate there will never be a Big Crunch. This has been shown to be true since 1998.

“What’s the crime?” you ask, “So what if they need to brush up on modern science?”

When something is out of style, do we not mock it?

What if in today’s world:

BNL all decided to have a high as possible hairdo, using two bottles of hairspray per member.

BNL preached that we should all have kept our VHS tapes and never spent a dime on HD movies.

BNL wore acid washed jeans while sporting a mullet.

BNL refused to get played on FM stations, only on AM with it’s lesser sound quality.

You get the idea. BNL shouldn’t be so woefully out of date on this one. This at a time when they seem to be modernizing by no longer having Steven Page in the band. You see kids, Steven Page did drugs. And as everyone has known since Meat Loaf’s ‘Bat Out of Hell II’, it’s Sex and Drums and Rock and Roll not the older and less cool Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll.

Now you have this to do, BNL, a bit more to update.

And you, dear reader, the next time you want to say “that was so last week” you can now say “that was so Big Crunch”.

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3 Responses to Out of Date

  1. Bob Jonkman says:

    All the cool kids say “Gnab Gib“…

    This is a lecture by Brian Schmidt, held at the Perimeter Institute, aired on TVO.org show Big Ideas.


  2. Larry says:

    Never heard Gnab Gib before. It’s a good podcast, putting much of the modern cosmology together.

  3. Huge strides in Big Bang cosmology happen to be made since the late 1990s because of major advances in telescope technology along with the analysis of copious data from satellites for example COBE,the Hubble Space Telescope and WMAP. Cosmologists will have fairly precise and accurate measurements of several of the parameters of the Big Bang model, and possess made the unexpected discovery the expansion of the Universe is apparently accelerating.

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