Mmmm War

I’m still on my Amundsen kick. This time it’s the fascination with the way he made Antarctic expeditions more efficient by using sled dogs to pull the supplies and as the supplies were used, ate some of the sled dogs who no longer had sleds to pull.

Perhaps we could make another aspect of society more efficient. That’s right, I’m talking about war. Those with weak stomachs, do not continue reading this post.

Let’s say you’re a commander along the front lines. Those under your command have come at you with two problems. One said “The P.O.W.’s won’t talk.” The other warned, “Our supply lines have been cut.”

Perhaps both problems can be solved with – you guessed it – cannibalism. You now have food for your troops and a scary fate for those who refuse to talk.

Perhaps this efficient new way to war would cause more post traumatic stress. But then again the horrible ‘smell of charred flesh’ might become a positive instead of a negative. Perhaps it now becomes the signal of a soon to come meal.

But what about those pitched battles where there are more dead bodies than can be consumed? Well supply lines can work two ways. Why can’t the front feed the homeland? “Help the war effort and eat meat” could be a slogan.

So there you have it, it took 99 posts for this site to digress to rationalizing cannibalism. Who had 99 in the pool?

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