Two Thoughts II

I’m sick to death with governmental misdirection in the recession.

In order to trumpet job creation, government leaders sometimes fail to mention that some jobs created are part time. They love to give the stat of how many total jobs they’ve created.

And, in Canada at least, many temporary employments were started in the construction industry. This was because it was decided to help employment by building infrastructure. So the one or two year jobs created are not differentiated from private sector jobs. It’s now quite well known that you can’t expect to work for an employer your whole life. Still 20 years is not out of line to expect from private sector jobs. Still the government equates the 20 year job with the one or two year construction gig.

And gig, I think, is the ultimate goal of government. As the son of country musicians I know that my dad would go looking for jobs every once in a while. Each playing date – lasting only so many hours – he called a job. So be suspicious next recession when the government talks about creating more jobs than the nation has people. They’re just gigs that are a few hours long.

In winter, the best hand covering is a mitten. However many of the more vain of us, or the more practical, who want to use their fingers in winter, use gloves.

The base of the hand has enough warmth to keep the whole hand warm in a mitten. In gloves, the base of the hand is separate, and the fingers cool much faster. The pinkies are the first to cool.

So what I’ve done with gloves is retracted my pinkies from the pinkie fingers of the gloves. There, my pinkies are rewarmed by the base of the hand.

So my hands are straight except for the curled up pinkie fingers. Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t this the opposite of curling up your fingers to grab a dainty cup while leaving your pinkie to remain straight.

Isn’t this dainty cup holding thing seen as being a bit effeminate? So wouldn’t that mean that what I do in my gloves is super masculine? Take that all you people in nicer climates. I may freeze this time of year but I am more masculine.

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