Cousin Opie

A few years ago I did some cartoons for the Barn Dance Opera Journal.

The CKNX Barn Dance was a radio show aired every week from the Wingham station in southwestern Ontario. The actual show travelled from town to town, really arena to arena (which Country Music people meant when they said barn). It started in the mid 20th century and continues in stripped down form today – it’s no longer aired and it occurs less frequently than weekly. For more visit .

The show created some notable Country entertainers including Earl Heywood, Al Cherny and Larry Mercey ( of Mercey Brothers fame).

Just a few years ago, Cousin Opie would perform a comic routine at some of the shows. Really Lloyd Otterbein dressed outrageously hillbilly, it was thought that a comic strip featuring this character could be put into the Barn Dance Opera Journal. That’s where I came in.

Here are 5 of the comics I drew and wrote. The comic strip halted as I started to dry up in ideas from the Cousin Opie perspective. Remember he’s not my creation. Still we had some laughs and below are some of them.

Update: With the resolution it can be hard to read the cartoons. Click on each image to enlarge.


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