Bubble Wrap Addiction

You know you’ve felt that hold once in your lifetime. Popping the bubbles in bubble wrap brought it on. Now perhaps your sheet was too small to turn into a full blown addiction. This is not so with everyone.

Some say it was a Harper Collins type company with planned obsolescence that originally brought about the addictiveness in bubble wrap. Perhaps it is the gas released from popping a bubble that is the truly addictive thing. I can see the company meeting where they realized that the bubble wrap they sold could be used over and over again until there was a shipping mistake.

Not liking those odds, top executives could have suggested that if only bubble wrap popping was addictive then they would have no such problem.

Perhaps there is a coating on bubble wrap that when squeezed becomes addictive.

Some have even suggested popping the bubbles alone is addictive. But where is the company culpability in that? Imagine a company happily going about its merry way and accidentally managing to produce one of the most addictive substances known to mankind. This site does not buy such “coincidences”.

Regardless, there is obviously a problem. Haven’t you noticed that panhandlers near to post office outlets keep multiplying? And these very outlets sell bubble wrap. And if you were to observe the transactions in store, you would find that some people buy the wrap and don’t wrap anything. They just take the bubble wrap and leave. To perform their sick, horrifying habit in privacy.

I wish to warn concerned parents in advance to be careful of any bubble wrap they may receive through the mail. Or else they may hear a disturbing, “Pop. Pop. Pop.” This could be the only cry you hear from a loved one in trouble.

It’s hard to gauge what is a safe amount of bubble wrap as some get addicted with the very first pop. With more hardy souls, it might take a giant roll. This condition is hard to treat and subject to relapse. The easiest way to control it is to never start in the first place.

Some of you are thinking that it is legal and thus not a big deal. For shame. Already the District of Keewatin in Canada has made bubble wrap illegal and there are efforts starting in some of the provinces of Canada.

Much myth surrounds bubble wrap popping, but it remains an addictive behaviour. Do not fall prey to this addiction. I wish good mental health to all of you out there.

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